Bilingual Edition

Hohm Press

Pages: 32 pages
Size: Paperback, 8.5 X 6.25 inches
ISBN: 978-1-942493-24-2

This bilingual children’s picture book about breastfeeding is uniquely told from the infant’s perspective. Soft, tender illustrations depict baby looking into Mama’s eyes, feeling nurtured and protected. The gentle and playful text helps to remind children of these profound feelings. Mama’s Leche encourages and celebrates the mother-infant bond that is naturally established through nursing.

This is the newest addition to Hohm Press’s distinguished collection of books to encourage breastfeeding, including the classic We Like to Nurse (and its sequel, We Like to Nurse Too), Breastfeeding Your Priceless Gift to Your Baby and Yourself, and Ready to Wean. Based in the ongoing commitment to family health and the wellbeing of infants and children, Hohm Press is proud to present this new title.

Research on breastfeeding as a health measure is incontrovertible! The most precious gifts a mother can give her baby are the disease-protective and nurturing substances that breast milk alone supplies, together with the deep physical-emotional bond that breastfeeding grows between them.

This book will be an ideal gift for childbirth educators, doctors, nurses, and caring friends and family to give to their clients and loved ones.

Mama’s Leche